Thursday, 19 January 2012

Top TEN: Soundtrack IDEAS

This morning Lorraine made it clear, that in order to create the right feel and motion throughout the motion, we need to make sure the soundtrack is appropriate and also the title sequence needs to sync with the beat.

At the moment, I'm looking at various pieces of music, that I feel would be suitable. As the whole idea of my motion is to create a sense of happiness and mystery, I'm trying to find quirky upbeat tracks that could possibly fit.

- Tiny Tim - Tip Toe Through The Tulips (Major alliteration there)

This song stuck in my mind after watching insidious at the cinema, there's something about the tone of voice used and the initial melody that I find extremely peculiar and morbid to say the least. Saying that, It's a possible piece of music that I feel I could work with. As the initial feel of my animation is to be direct in functioning with movement.

- Luke Abbott - Melody 120

This is another potential track for the motion. The video itself is quite interesting, as each visual reflects the notion of sound. Effectively building up an imaginary world alongside the beat. After listening to it, you can clearly get a sense of positivity and joy.

- Ether - Beghe

Although the track below isn't the original mix I would want to use, the majority of the melody is exactly the same. The sounds created create a welcoming feel to the start, something I want to incorporate into my motion.

- Kryptic Minds - Time Flies

This track has a slow paced tempo, and sounds that create a relaxing atmosphere. Although it could be hard to match key frames with the beat, it would allow a different feel from the motion. Effectively I could create a simple movement between sections of the motion.

- Arkist - Fill My Coffee

The intro melody, has a warm and cheerful sound, creating a soothing track throughout. There are then various points in which the beat continuously revolves, only looping particular sounds. This could be an effective choice to use, as I would be able to create interesting movements with the motion and track together.

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