Tuesday, 5 October 2010


This is a sequence I have created myself, using one of my old drawings from my sketchbook. I edited the image on photoshop and took 3 parts that could be included in creating a sequence.

These are a few images I have found on google image search of skateboard sequences. This type of photography is used widely across the sport as It can capture the exact point to start of a trick being achieved. You can find them in magazines, adverts and widely across the internet.

As you can see this is a sequence of one of the most famous events in human history, 9/11. The image itself is extremely tragic and moving, casting a number of emotions from sight. Hopefully people do not find this offensive as I am just using it as an example.

'Digimon Sequence gifs Video' I found this video on youtube showing the stages of evolution from how a digimon evolves.This was a popular cartoon a few years back when I was younger, hopefully most people will remember it. I would advise you to mute the sound as the music is pretty terrible!

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