Monday, 2 January 2012

Sticky Monster Lab


Sticky Monster Lab is a Creative Studio in Korea, founded in 2007 by 3 founding members from each different field (Motion graphic, Illustration and Festival managing) and now a Figure artist has joined on board as another official member.
Sticky Monster Lab’s each member have their own profound experience and know-how, which is why the relation between them create the positive synergy effect and its unique and various strength helps them to overcome the limits of a regular small studio.
Character building is one of the Sticky Monster Lab’s outstanding unique systems; one total solution of a plane 2D character becomes alive by adding motions, and then finally, into a real figure character. Produced and preplanned before the beginning of the whole process, the final products of each step as a character, animation and figure are complete in their own format: therefore, this project shows the individuality but related story of “Monsters” virtual world.
This unique and creative style of process makes Sticky Monster Lab distinctive from other design studios or artists.



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