Sunday, 4 March 2012

SWAROVSKI - About / Company History




Swarovski was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski I (1862-1956), a visionary scientist and entrepreneur. Swarovski crystal has been used by jewellers, artisans and couturiers including Coco Chanel and Christian Dior, and has become an essential ingredient of 20th century luxury, glamour and style.
In 1976, a Swarovski craftsman was playfully gluing crystal chandelier parts together, when he accidentally created the first crystal figurine from Swarovski, a mouse. It became the first piece in what turned into a spectacularly successful collection of crystal figurines named Silver Crystal. Highly coveted, Swarovski Silver Crystal pieces were showcased in homes as both status symbol, and an investment for the future. As a result crystal figurine collecting became a global phenomenon. This lead Swarovski to form a members only Silver Crystal Society, offering at its peak half a million members exclusive limited edition pieces which would be an instant sell out on launch.
Then in 1977, Swarovski launched its first jewellery line, drawing on its knowledge and experience gathered through a century of creative collaborations with the most talented designers and artisans in the world. The jewellery demonstrates the creativity, glamour and versatility of crystal. Currently with over 83 stand alone stores in the UK and 2,100 worldwide, the full range of the company’s work is beautifully showcased in their unique Crystal Forest retail architecture. The Crystal Forest concept is a multisensory experience which reflects the brilliance and infinite depths of crystal. The delicate and elegant atmosphere allows consumers to immerse themselves in Swarovski’s universe of crystal.
Over the past decade there has been a decisive shift in focus, with Swarovski developing and expanding their highly fashionable jewellery collections. This shift reflects the change in consumer lifestyles from the need to decorate their homes as a status symbol, to decorating themselves using jewellery as a way to express individuality, personality and style. Swarovski, always at the forefront of innovation and consumer insight, adapted in order to meet this need with a strategic focus away from Silver Crystal and into fashion jewellery.
The jewellery collection launched biannually, is inspired by trends and themes seen on fashion catwalks throughout the world. Regularly worn by A-list celebrities, the brand is now taking a new direction as a contemporary, fashion-luxe global jewellery brand. Alongside its impressive history, Swarovski is passionate about developing its position at the forefront of contemporary fashion innovation, producing jewellery and accessories - it’s this facet of the business that Swarovski want to broaden its appeal and desirability to new consumers.


The logo of the Swarovski branding, based around to aspects. Type and image. Using a swan and type seperately, or together to form the overall logo base. Although saying that, they have not effectively made use of incorporating both type and image together. To me it seems like two separate logo's have been placed with each other and have not been fused together well enough, to stand out alone together.

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