Sunday, 4 March 2012



To get a more in depth understanding and analysis of the overall brand, and the way it presents itself across the internet. I have checked out their website, how's it's managed, the overall feel and welcoming to the customer. This is basically the forefront to a mass audience, and straight away I have doubts about the overall layout, design and visual consistency across the site. Although it is renowned for it's high quality crystal, class and incorporation within the fashion industry. The actual feel is slightly dull, immature and ineffective within relation to the context.


Although I do find the photograph interesting and the colours are vibrant, but there is too much emphasis on the background and 'mother's day'. Instantly this straight away would not appeal to the younger audience. The homepage needs to be consistently welcoming, with the main focus on the customer.


Boring, is the first thing that comes to mind. The products are not the main focus at all on this page, considering it is the online shop, they do not advertise or model their product range effectively. Lack of visual consistency within the type and image, makes the whole page look bland and the point of selling the products does not flow effectively enough to meet the brand. 


Less is more, they haven't managed to incorporate this at all into the product page. There is too much type surrounding the actual product and not enough emphasis on the crystal product. It needs to be clear, the information should be bullet pointed or short within it's sentence structure to allow the essential information to be reached. 

Overall, after briefly analysing the website, and giving my own opinion on the sites image. I have realised that this is another important factor to consider when approaching the brief, automatically I cannot see young females, from the research I have collected. Wanting to browse through and be impressed and intrigued by Swarovski.


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