Monday, 30 April 2012




The main base of the whole festival, heavily relies on facebook as it's point of communication. The images below have been taken from the page, of the most recent and upcoming Ghostfest. Visually I find the poster effective in promoting the bands and the festival itself. The logo plays a massive impact, as alongside it's key focus to promote, aesthetically it relates effectively with the target audience.

As the headliners or should I say the most well know bands taking part, need to be displayed effectively, they have had their own logo / identity clearly defined throughout the layout. The rest have been kept to a minimal, underlined layout as although still widely recognised throughout the metal and hardcore community. Have been purposely placed to allow more promotion and attention to arise, from the dominant bands.

- Ghostfest 2012 / Poster

- Uprawr - Birmingham Nightclub / Give Away 

- Facebook / Official Fan Page



Past festival dates and bands that took part, sourced from Although these are very brief in terms of the event and do not showcase any visual aid to the text, there is still basic information that is straight to the point as to how the festival has taken shape, and who took part.


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