Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Eyedea & Abilities - E&A



1. Reintroducing (2:18)
2. Now (4:24)
3. Kept (2:31)
4. Exhausted Love (5.22)
5. Star Destroyer ft. Carnage (3:46)
6. Paradise (6:34)
7. One-Twenty (3:14)
8. Man vs Ape (2:49)
9. Get Along (0:59)
10: Two Men and a Lady (3:11)
11. E&A Day (3:07)
12. Act Right (4:06)
13. Glass (4:31)


Man vs Ape
" Who needs peace when you can profit from being right ?
I hold picket signs outside abortion clinic doors "

" This is technology for the barbarian
I see the future: the past, we'll be there again "

" Purpose, perseverance, wordless amoeba suface
To lead the first coherent palaeolithic circus "

Star Destroyer
" That's obvious, stay in a state of disarray
While we colour the cosmos we create since they could only make me wish "

" Boldly go where no man has gone before
Un killable horde of syllable lords "

" Monster waitin' to stomp ya face in upon confrontation
Fatso with mad flow E&A track slow collabo "

" I'm gonna run from the voice of reason 'til it turns into laughter
Against the masquerade like I don't believe in the morning after "

" I sold you a lie that showed through my eyes 
I told you to cry a stained glass suicide 
They slowly chiseled down the walls we all hide behind 
It's only time before your secrets become weakened headlines "

" I'm living in a world made of window's and mirrors 
This is safeguard covered crystallised tears "


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