Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Eyedea & Abilities - By The Throat



1. Hay Fever (2:20)
2. Spin Cycle (3:39)
3. Time Flies When You Have a Gun (1:44)
4. Burn Fetish (2:55)
5. Sky Diver (4:16)
6. Junk (2:46)
7. Forgive Me for My Synapses (1:02)
8. This Story (2:33)
9. Factory (1:55)
10. Smile (4:02)
11. By the Throat (2:41) 


Hay Fever

" All things pass we bruise skin
Holding onto things we shouldn't be allowed to keep
Make them proud dredged in guilt
Call me when the miracle reduces to coincidence "

" There's no hell more harsh than a memory
There's no home more harsh than an empty nest "

" I believe there's never a place better than right where you are
Although imagining an after life can tend to mend a broken heart "

Time Flies When You Have A Gun

" Yeah, he used to shoot it in the air for kicks, promised he had
perfect aim, swore he couldn't miss "

" Paranoia kept increasing, he kept imagining the tragedy as if it 
was inevitable "

" That solace piece of metal was the boss in the relationship, he 
bought it to keep him safe but it just made him sick "

Burn Fetish

" We like to feel the blood and fat dripping off our gums,
she likes to talk directly down the barrel of her gun "

" The grass is always greener on the other pesticide
solemn precious crept through the mess to shed it's infectious high"

" Empathy is the poor man's cocaine
And love is just a chemical by any other name 
I like the way your pheromones make me sleepy 
This far away I still smell you inside of me "


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