Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Oliver Hart - How Eye Won The Write To Think



1. The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart (2:27)
2. Weird Side (3:14)
3. Song About A Song (1:37)
4. How Much Do You Pay (5:55)
5. On A Clear Day (3:39)
6. Walking (4:00)
7. Step By Step (3:04)
8. Prelude To Coaches (3:46)
9. Coaches (4:03)
10. Bottle Dreams (3:54)
11. Soundtrack Of A Romance (5:22)
12. Just A Reminder (3:23)
13. Infared Roses (2:15)
14. My Day At The Brain Factory (1:54)
15. Ode To The Wall (7:18)
16. Here For You (7:18)
17. Motormouth's Anonymoust (3:55)
18. Forget Me (4:10)
19. How Eye Won The Write Too Think (7:52)


The Many Faces of Oliver Hart 

" These songs ain't me, they're just documentations of momentary thoughts 
Nothing's set in stone just because it's sold of bought " 

" No matter what side you see it's only one side
No matter how much you think it means, it's just one side "

Step By Step

" It seems like hours went by and I'm still travelling 
Right towards the brightness 
Now this ain't even heaven or hell
This realm is lifeless "

" I was never good a problem solving, especially in emergencies 
I get a tad bit nervous when concerned with burning for an eternity "

" Ya, know I'm saying ...
Kinda just turned around from the whole situation ...
Rejecting everything that was going on ...
That's how I walked into heaven "

Infared Roses 

" I just wish I could've stopped to cherish the moment while it lasted but
maybe that's not the point, the second your smart enough to recognise freedom
you're no longer free "

" It's that split second in life where you actually feel alive
and until the end of time, we chase the memory of that 
hoping the future holds something better than the past 
so why do I spend my time runnin' away ? "

" I can waste my energy tryin' to reproduce something that's gone 
but my childhood is dead, it's time to move on " 


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